Thursday, May 8, 2014

Writing Craigslist Used Car Ads That Sell

Classified ads online and offline are usually more affordable than other forms of advertising.
In fact, classified ads online are often free. They provide access to a large audience and give you fast results when you need to sell a car.

Print newspapers will price their advertising space according to their readership. This means that targeting a small, community based newspaper may be more advantageous for you. For one, you are likely to pay a lot less for your ad.

Secondly, you will probably get more people from within your own community who are interested in the vehicle. This means you won’t have to deal with any of the issues that sometimes arise when interested buyers are further away from you.

When you put contact information in your ad, make sure you use a form of contact that suits your working hours and you and your family’s needs. You may even consider setting up a new email address for this purpose for convenience.

Your chances of selling your motor vehicle improve when you give information that buyers are interested in. Whether you are advertising online or offline; there are certain things you should let your potential buyers know even before they contact you.

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Product Details

Your classified ad should describe that vehicle’s:
1. Make and model
2. Price and whether the price is negotiable
3. Any modifications that have been made to the vehicle
4. Whether the air conditioning is in good working condition
5. Overall condition, that is, whether it is clean, has had any body work done, etc.
6. Whether it has new rims or new tires
7. Type of engine

The items listed above can increase the value of your car in the eyes of other drivers. Never overlook anything because it seems small. For example, if someone knows that a car has low mileage or you put in more comfortable seats, they will be more interested in it.